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We first worked with Potomac Equity Partners in 2012 as we helped develop a new brand and online presence through a new logo, website with news and press release updates, and SEO-friendly code and content. Now, we have partnered again to revisit the site. While keeping the existing content, we’ve given it a new, fresh feel and function, and a new way to present the content, selling points and positioning statements.

Potomac Equity Partners is a Washington D.C.-based private equity investment firm focused on forming collaborative partnerships with growth companies – leveraging team members and advisory partners with experience ranging from 15 years to over 50 years in their respective industry sectors such as: Business Services, Education and Training, Healthcare, Information Services, and Software and Technology. Potomac Equity Partners strives to invest in companies with leading products and services, and superior management teams, in which invested capital and collaborative efforts can enable companies to exponentially ramp long-term growth prospects and overall performance.

In addition to industry sector equity investment, Potomac Equity Partners also offers Executive Sourcing and welcomes the opportunity to partner with experienced management executives to pursue investment opportunities in specific industry verticals.

If you are a small to mid-market company (defined as transactions with enterprise values from $10 million to $150 million), or need assistance with sourcing for executives and management teams, contact Potomac Equity Partners. Their operating expertise, board acumen, and financial support will assist portfolio companies to achieve long-term potential for the benefit of all shareholders.

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