WEB: Freedom Health Systems

Freedom Health Systems was developed to give patients an alternative to the status quo. We believe patients have the right to a patient-provider relationship without interference from third-parties including insurance companies or the government. Freedom Health Systems offers individuals and familiesan integrated healing approach from injury, illness and disease through a combination of allopathic and naturopathic medicine.

From Orthopedics to Family Medicine, Freedom Health Systems provide a wide range of services to give you the most complete care.

Through our relationship with Freedom Health Systems, we have worked closely in developing a new presence for their online marketing and healthcare development; including a new site developed and configured on the WordPress web technology platform, with the intention for lead generation, industry blog and news, and information dissemination.

For more information about Freedom Health Systems, visit freedomhealthsystems.net.

Design: Jamon Abercrombie
Development & Integration: Jamon Abercrombie
Client: Seven Places Productions
Technology: WordPress

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