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Salons by Vista College provides real-world experience for cosmetology students to learn their trade. We joined BurningStar Studios and EdwardsSchoen in giving the Salon’s site a makeover into a robust, flexible and mobile-friendly site powered by WordPress. We’ve given it a new, fresh feel and function, additional ways for clients to interact with the site, and a new way to present the content, selling points and positioning statements.

Everyone wants to look their best. The hair, the skin, the nails, the makeup — we feel better and move through the world more confidently when we know we’re looking good. But most of us can’t afford to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars at overpriced beauty salons for a haircut or color or manicure. Our salons provide a real-world environment for our students to learn their trade. Our current students perform all of our services. From manicures and waxing to haircuts, styling and perms, our affordable services help you to look your best.

If you’re wanting high-end treatment without the high-dollar price, it’s time to make an appointment with Salons by Vista College. Our hair salons in New Mexico and Texas are a part of the Vista College cosmetology school, offering a full range of beauty services performed by our students under the guidance of expert instructors.

Design: BurningStar Studios (Alexander Morales)
Development & Integration: Seven Places Productions (Jamon Abercrombie)
Client: Salons by Vista College via EdwardsSchoen
Technology: WordPress

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