Heritage Design STL by Suzanne Lay

Suzanne Lay is a fashion designer based in St. Louis. We were able to join in giving her Heritage Design STL brand website an overhaul into a robust, flexible and mobile-friendly site powered by WordPress. We’ve used the Colibri theme as a backbone to give the site a new, fresh feel and function, additional ways for clients and supporters to interact with the site, and a new way to present the content, selling points and positioning statements.

Heritage Design STL’s mission is to bring you clothing and jewlery that helps you feel cute, original and embrace who you truly are, find what makes you different, and share that with the world. 

From Suzanne, “I spent most of my life not feeling accepted because I couldn’t dress the way others did. This resulted in having to use my own creativity to find clothing I could use to develop a style meant for me – leading to a career of creating unique clothing and jewelry unlike those around me, where I am consistently striving to be different and stand out from the crowd.

For more information about Heritage Design STL, Suzanne Lay, and to see her truly unique designs, visit suzannelay.com.

Design: Seven Places Productions (Jamon Abercrombie)
Development & Integration: Seven Places Productions (Jamon Abercrombie)
Client: Center for Developmentally Disabled
Technology: WordPress

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