IE Version Madness!

Have you been beat up and worn down over all the different versions of Internet Explorer that PC people are still using out there?

It sure does make it tough to “test in all browsers” when one of those browsers has 17 different active versions … which all different from each other.

Have you already downloaded the latest IE7 version and overwrote your DLL registry, but you still need to be able to test for past versions of IE that (for some reason) people are still using?

ENTER: Multiple IEs.

Multiple IEs is a program that downloads and installs IE versions for PC all the way back to IE 3.0! You can run each one independent of the other so that testing is a breeze. This is brilliant.

Now if Microsoft would just be so kind as to force its users to update to the latest version … OR … and I know this is crazy … at least create IE versions’ engines to render similarly!

Go learn more about Multiple IEs, or just download Multiple IEs and get to testing.

Then, go get firefox and spread the love.

Firefox 2

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