Host of hosts

If you’re looking to get into the web game, or just looking for a new hosting provider, look no further than Dreamhost. Dreamhost is one of the most robust and comprehensive hosting solutions we’ve come across … and for the dollars you spend, you can’t beat their service.

HUGE-A-MONGA on space – itsy bitsy on price.

For only $119 a year – or $9.95/mo + $50 setup – (as of 2/9/2008), Dreamhost gives you the hookup with their basic service package. You can also pimp out your package with a ton of other add-ons; but what they start you off with should be more than enough for most typical hosting solutions.

Take a look at what they offer for only $119 a year – or $9.95/mo + $50 setup – (as of 2/9/2008):

  • Disc storage at signup: 500 GB :: and this automatically increases by 2 GB each week you remain with Dreamhost
  • Monthly bandwidth at signup: 5.0 TB :: and this automatically increases by 40 GB each week you remain with Dreamhost
  • MySQL 5 Database: unlimited
  • Domain hosting: unlimited
  • Subdomain hosting: unlimited
  • E-mail accounts: unlimited
  • E-mail addresses (aliases): unlimited
  • Web-based email feature
  • Spam filtering – SpamAssassin
  • PHP4, PHP5, Unix, Ruby on Rails, SSI, SVN, CVS, SSL Secure Server
  • Jabber Chat Server
  • QuickTime Streaming
  • many, many, many, many more …

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the hosting solutions Dreamhost provides. They have countless other services and support, 3rd party installs (i.e. – WordPress, Joomla, MediaWiki, phpBB, etc), enhanced security features and additional upgrades.

Now is the time to get on board with Dreamhost. Check them out and sign up today to be on your way to a better web experience for your sites or clients.

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