DESIGN: Graphical Enhanced Resume – Hollis

A new product/service offered here at Seven Places Productions … graphically enhanced resumés. This new venture was brought to us by a long-time friend, Rayden Hollis, who was interested in creating something outside the traditional, white paper resumé box.

This is one of 5 available templates we will be offering for customization. If you are a prospective employer, and you have in front of you a piece of white paper and this graphically enhanced resumé, which one is going to grab your attention?

If you would like to get your resumé out of the traditional white paper box, send us a message or come back shortly (as we put the final touches on our templates) and we’ll have a link to our 5 available customizable templates where you can choose a template that fits your need, or we can also build a totally customizable graphically enhanced resumé.

Design: Jamon Abercrombie
Client: Rayden Hollis

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