AUDIO: We Will Remember – autumnSoul


I wrote We Will Remember in 2000 as a tribute to my good friend, James Brill, who was killed in a canoe accident while leading at a youth camp in Vermont that summer. I got news of his death, wrote it and played it at his funeral a few days later. I got a little carried away with this recording. After recording it with my former band (autumnSoul) in November of 2002, I went back in and overdubbed some things with huge ideas of enhancing it … I think it was better before I jacked with it in post-production.

These audio archive recordings were pretty much done by running the sound system through the computer and capturing the audio using Cool Edit Pro (now Adobe Audition).

Song Title: We Will Remember
BMI Work#: 6283070
Songwriter/Composer: Jamon Abercrombie
Vocals & Acoustic Guitar: Jamon Abercrombie
Bass: Rob Selvidge
Drums: Clifton Felton
Electric Guitar: Scott McNew
Piano/Organ/Misc: Mike Chatman

autumnSoul officially disbanded in 2003 after I moved to Kansas City, Scott moved to St. Louis, and Rob and Clifton stayed in Springfield. I occasionally get Rob and Clifton to come back together and help me for special events (Disciple Now, Camp, etc.)

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