AUDIO: God in a Box – autumnSoul


I wrote a little bit of God in a Box in 1997 with my buddies Rayden Hollis and Rusty Gunn from my days in ‘audience of One’. I didn’t do much with the original writing, but I arranged it for this recording and use it occasionally for middle-school worship sets. This recording is with my former band (autumnSoul) in November of 2002.

These audio archive recordings were pretty much done by running the sound system through the computer and capturing the audio using Cool Edit Pro (now Adobe Audition).

Song Title: God in a Box
BMI Work#: 6758589
Songwriter/Composer: Rusty Gunn, Rayden Hollis & Jamon Abercrombie
Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Background Vocals: Jamon Abercrombie
Bass: Rob Selvidge
Drums: Clifton Felton
Electric Guitar: Scott McNew
Organ/Keys/Misc: Mike Chatman

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